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What Colors Are You Feeling Today?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Yes! Colors can give lots of information about my feelings and your feelings. Starting today, try to pay attention to the colors people are feeling!

Yellow is associated with anger, antipathy, daring and falsehood. It can be used to

stimulate intellectual capacity, elevate mood and provide joy and optimism. It is recommended for people with a tendency to melancholy and sadness.

Orange is the color of vitality, enthusiasm and joy. Combined with black, it represents repressed desires and bigotry. This color is used to combat fear, obsessive and depressant states.

Red the movement color is associated with outgoing, vital, ambitious and materialistic with temperaments more impulsive than reflective. Red increases muscle tension, activates

breathing, stimulates blood pressure. It is recommended for withdrawn people with slow reflections.

Blue the tranquility color symbolize intelligence, truth, wisdom, peace and quiet. It acts as a pain reliever. Lowers blood pressure, although its excess can cause a climate of sadness and melancholy. Reduces muscle tension and irritability.

Violet is linked to judiciousness and deep emotions. It is the color of intelligence and wisdom. In its purple variant, it is a symbol of royalty and sumptuousness. It is associated with introverted personalities. It can intensify intellectual capacity and helps reduce


Green is associated with smart and sociable people. It is a symbol of relaxation. It balances emotions and autonomic nervous system. Lowers blood pressure and stimulates pituitary. It is the tone that least fatigue the eyes. Made-up of the colors of emotion (yellow) and judgment (blue), is a tone of great balance.

Pink is the color of the earth par excellence. Warm and self-help. This color clears the mind of negative thoughts, provides energy and softens character. Enhances sweetness, consistency and


White is associated with prestige, economy, distinction, silence, lightness, tranquility and cleanliness. Is the sum or synthesis of all colors. It grants the dominion of the spirit over matter and allows spiritual evolution.

Gray is the color of the opposites represents yin and yang. It is not a color rather the transition between the black and white. It represents the fusion between joys and sorrows, between good and evil. Suggests neutrality and sadness.

Black is the symbol of error and evil. It is the total absence of light and color. It increases the fatigue and demands to the organism greater energy wear. A person dressed in black may feel particularly exhausted and depressed at the end of the day.

Do The Exercise & Share With Us The Colors You Are Feeling Today

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