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Here Is How Expressive Art Can Help Children In All Areas Of Development

Physical Development

Art activities support children’s large and small muscle development, as well as their eye-hand coordination. Using crayons, markers, and paintbrushes helps children practice the fine motor control they will need for writing later on.

Social Development

In the art area, children have the opportunity to work with peers or adults establishing connection, communication and empathy. They learn to share, to interact with others, to be responsible for cleanup, and to put materials away. These are positive and important actions for social learning.

Cognitive Development

Children learn about the names of colors, shapes and different supplies use through creative art activities. They learn cause and effect by mixing colors.

Children can make observation of things around them, and then to try to draw or paint what were observed and then, to talk and to learn about the difference of abstract and reality.

Emotional Development

Art gives children the opportunity to talk without words. They can represent experiences that are not easy to verbalize. Children are free to draw pictures out of proportion, exaggerating things that are important to them. Giving value to children’s creativity will help them feel valued as people, raising their self-esteem.

Imagination and Experimentation

Children’s active imaginations can take form through art. Painting with two or three brushes, mixing color, using unusual materials to give life to their imagination will help them to cultivate their certainty its posible to create new things and one day when they grow up they can be inventors!

Now, Let’s Go to the Action…

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