• Yaneth Monsalve

When Things Aren’t Going Well, Art Gives You A Way Out!

People have all experienced situations that do not understand. People call these moments "bad experiences", "problems", “difficulties" or "punishments". These are just experiences. Depending on their perspective will label them as "Good" or "Bad", and a whole journey begins here.

When don’t understand or don’t know how to manage these type of experiences people will labeled them as a ‘Bad’ experience, and a path of suffering begins. In this way, people find themselves victims. They punish, hate, mistreat and blame themselves, and do the same with others who surround them or cross their path.

Many in their path find a way out of their suffering. They achieve this through tools perfectly designed for some and many. Because, although people may look alike, everyone has an uniqueness that makes them use these tools in different ways.

And this is where artistic expressions come in. Since ancient times, music, dance, poetry and painting have been part of these tools. Its have helped many release their emotions to transform suffering into understanding, while creating beauty that inspires those who have not yet to understand that"Bad"experiences are also"Good" at the end. ©

Below an example of how I used art to talk about an experience that began 11 years ago. A 'bad experience' that turned into one of the most beautiful gifts that life has given me. When I understood it, I could see the good behind the difficulty.

Today, use art to talk about what makes you suffer. Let it out and look at it from another perspective. You may be surprised!

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