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Therapeutic Art is For All

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Therapeutic art uses different artistic expressions to communicate feelings, emotions, and heal psychological disorders.In addition, therapeutic art is a technique of personal development and self-knowledge. For this reason, we all can use these techniques. In other words, therapeutic art is not exclusively to treat trauma or others psychological issues. It is, also, for people who enjoy art or is looking to explore art in a different way. Today, express yourself through art!

Benefits Of TherapeuticArt

Helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Improve mood and general disposition.

Facilitates communication.

Helps to develop expressive abilities.

Increases brain level of serotonin, helping well-being and reducing anxiety.

Aggression decreases, due to the experience of a deep relaxation.

Facilitates the verbalization of emotions through artistic exploration.

It fosters creation and transformation processes.

Helps to solve conflicts and problems.

To understand our behaviors.

To contain overflowing emotions.

To organize emotional confusion and chaos.

To increase self-esteem and personal awareness.

The spontaneous expression of drawing and painting leads to freely express thoughts, emotions and feelings about their experiences.

Words impose limits, but images have a level of insight into the mind that is beyond discursive thinking.

The externalization of the problem, even if unconsciously, makes you feel better.

Who Is Therapeutic Art For?

Therapeutic Art is for those people who find the verbal articulation of their conflicts difficult for various reasons or simply find it difficult to express what they think and feel. People can develop their creative potential, unlocking mixed emotions and feelings, managing to eliminate states of shyness, managing to express themselves better and improving their affective relationships. Therapeutic Art, also, is for people who are looking to explore new ways of self-expression throughout art.

Therapeutic Art brings benefits, from helping to discharge chaotic, conflictive situations, to allowing to increase or activate potentials and gifts asleep. Its main objective is to improve the quality of life and well-being of people.

Therapeutic Art Is NOT...

It is NOT therapy for artists.

It is NOT art classes.

Main objective is NOT aesthetic artwork for sell.

It is NOT exclusively for people with psychological issues.

Therapeutic Art In Action...

In the Therapeutic Art - Exercise page you will find some ideas to start exploring your artistic side. Let's grow and learn together by sharing drawings, doodles, paintings, and any artistic expressions with others! Do your first exercise today!

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